Just read an article called “10 key Barriers to Growth. BUT it was not what the article did say that struck me. It was what it DID NOT say that got me uptight!  

– If you really want to read it, it is here ;- https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-key-barriers-growth-stephen-dann

Now I truly believe that every one of us , no matter what job we do, is a part of a #team. Any one of us could spoil the #teams day just by making a small mistake or maybe going sick. Perhaps even just by arriving late at work. Just like a chain, we are all linked.  As William James said “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link” I wish the analogy allowed for different types of links because to me that is when we begin to see the importance of a balanced #team.  

Everybody has attributes that make a #team work well or badly – Too many of one attribute or too few of another and there are likely to be problems. Those who’s skill level is low may bring far more to a #team than their job skills alone.  Yours could be the final link that makes your #team great.

let me give you an example carried out at a Belbin training weekend .

Two groups of 9 people were selected.

Group A was 9 innovative, skilled, specialist individuals,  from a well established national company.

They were set a mental task. There was no time limit, apart from eventually falling asleep, and an answer must be given that the whole group agreed upon.

The same mental task was also given to Group B . This was a well balanced #team of varied individuals who had seldom if ever worked together, albeit they were employed by the same company.

Neither #team knew there was NO real answer!

After 2 hours group B ( the balanced #team) realised this. Prepared a report saying why they reached the decision and finished.

After another hour they asked the Innovative group if they would like to share thoughts. They were forcefully evicted from group B’s room!  

After another 2 hours the project leaders asked the innovative group if they would like to stop as there was no actual answer! – They got evicted by group A as well!

Finally after a  further 30 minutes the innovative #team split up and left the room – The atmosphere was icy. Eyes were shooting daggers! voices were raised.  When they met group A, Heads were hung in shame and disgust.  Let me tell you, it was not pleasant . I know exactly how unpleasant it was,  as I was in the loosing #team! Its tought me a mega important lesson about balanced #teams and working with a #team “worts and all”.

So if you are told, or you feel you are not skilful enough for your job or that you are any less important than the other members of your #team. Think again. You could be the ONLY thing holding the #team together.

If this has tickled your interest in Belbins  9 team attributes – pop over to http://www.belbin.com/about/belbin-team-roles/

“Every journey start with the first step”, so if this has started you thinking about yourself, your job, your #team, your life, then #mentoring may help, so drop me a line.