I’ve never been committed to anything that I did not develop myself. I hated employers. Hated illogical and badly written systems. Hated observing rules like speed limits on empty motorways ( there were some once. Honest!).

To me breaking the rules and “Pushing the envelope” has been the norm. That is until  taking up full time employment with a JOB!.  Not being allowed to say what you think.  Having to accept other people’s views and work with them. Living a lie. Being an employee hurt so much, but at the time, it had to be endured. In 40 years I have had to accept this 3 times. 2 years in my twenties, 5 years in my thirties and  a massive 7 years in my late forties. Just thinking back to those times refreshes the pains. Ughhh – I’m shuddering just writing this.

So what happens when I #mentor people who want to break out of the employee mould, that in truth, I have never been in?  What happens is a massive feeling of frustration,,that is what.

I guess the one lesson life has taught me is to take a challenge and break it down into the smallest parts possible.  Then solve each little one individually. Eventually the whole problem can be solved! I know that sound simple but it’s been true for all my NON employed life.  

I’ve spent months reading books galore, simple little self help books right through to Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich. The answer was not in the books though, it was in me! It amounts to the accumulation of my life experiences and i have to include my employed time within those experiences.

In exactly the same way as any other problem thrown at me it can be solved by breaking it down into little goals. Goals and challenges that are just about within the individual’s current ability level. Goals that when achieved and put together eventually lead the individual to achieve their current goal.

Of course working out what these goals need to be,  Helping the individual to see, then accept and achieve them, well that’s a different challenge entirely!

To break the mould simple keep hitting it, with those small goals, eventually it will crack or break.

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