Get on with it.

Do you know this saying? “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it”. It was said by  Lucille Ball.

The press made Lucille out to be a “bimbo”, but she was far from it. As a child Lucille came from a poor family, she did not even have enough money to  buy her school pencils! What Lucille was though was massively busy. Talking of massive,  did you know? She was also the first pregnant television presenter on American TV! Mind you, it was her own show. Lucille went from total broke to  earning $150,000 per show!. That doesn’t sound like a bimbo to me!

So why am i writing about an american actress from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s, after all I blog about property! What on earth has this “bimbo” got to  do with property?  Well it’s the busy bit. Lucille not only said “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it”. she lived by it.


The big problem with being busy is that it doesn’t always get us anywhere.  Its pretty easy to be busy; Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Texts TV Films computer games. All lovely ways to be busy and not get anywhere.

To be blunt that form of busy is simple prevarication.

As a mentor this is a common problem that almost everyone suffers from. Phrases like ‘ive nearly finished’ or ‘I’ll do it in a minute’ – Wow a single minute , now that’s fast! How about ‘i’m onto it’.(i hate that one!) They are all ways of prevaricating.

I have to admit something here, a short answer  like ‘I’m onto it’ does have it’s place in life. I even recommend it in some situations because it is a great way to avoid directly answering a question. There are times though when that is better than a long drawn out detailed explanation. Of course it can also be a sneaky way of telling a outright lie!

Here though is the greatest abuse of prevarication. Using it to lie to ourselves, that we are busy.

Try thinking about your time and how much of it you “accidentally” fritter away each day. Mine is 3 hours a day between 8pm and 11pm when I “wind down” by watching TV. I have others of course.

So how much time do you spend prevaricating each week? – Want to know? Beware It might hurt.  keep an hourly log of everything you do for a week. Make sure to use a fresh log sheet each day and don’t look at previous logs until the week is over.  It should be mega obvious!. 

Keep those sheet for my blog on time planning






Enjoy your week.

Kind regard

Allan Wadsworth (mentor)