Break Free of #employment.

No I don’t mean stop your job and go self employed nor particularly do I mean start a company and be its director.

What I do mean is to break free of the groove that guides you along the employee path. All those routines that become the norm can become so ingrained into us that we cannot see them, nor change them. Are you in any of these grooves?

  • Using the lunch break to go for a walk, then eating at the desk “whilst” working.
  • Leaving the desk for Tea and Coffee breaks so that we cannot possibly answer the phone.
  • Accepting that others do the same and just putting up with it.
  • Arriving and leaving work at set times.
  • Totally switching off from work when we leave. Often not even talking about work outside of the “office”.
  • Treating “Dead lines” with contempt. i.e. ignoring them!
  • Maybe it is you that sets those “dead lines”. Can you call them “ideally by” dates? of course not. O’ and you must have a contingency plan for when (sorry “if”)the dead line is missed.
  • Going with the flow. After all it’s probably a waste of time trying to change it anyway!
  • How about Just agreeing with the boss as you think he or she will not change.
  • Accepting all those Human resource rules without question or with only the politest of “questions for clarity”.
  • Starting late or leaving early without logging it.
  • Sticking to the company rules as if they were glue

I’ve watched how people work hard to get a pay rise then just a few months later fall back into the grooves . – See above bullets!

Sadly those grooves become our lives. They shape our very existence. They are time and energy stealers. Not just from our employers but from us as well. From us they slowly remove our individuality and mould us into “employees'”. It may feel good having sneaked an hour out or avoided a phew(ok few) phone calls, but what has  actually happened is we have succumbed to the groove. Ever ridden a bike into a tram line? I have! There is only one way out and that is to Stop the bike. Get off and lift the bike out of the tram line.  Then start again. The only other option is to fall off! – I’ve been there too. Which leads me to my point;-

Before even thinking about going self employed or starting your own business, or looking to progress at work do this.

Watch yourself for a week AND WRITE DOWN all of your groove makers. Do it every time you fall into a groove – even if you have already done it several times that day!   

Now try a week without doing any of them!

If you can do it, without cheating,  then you can progress either internally or externally – Well done.

Allan Wadsworth.