Back in February I wrote a blog called “The way to ask”.

What I did not do, back then, is mention how I had different conversations, depending upon the person I was talking to. To be honest I had difficulty knowing why I chatted differently to them.  Until this Friday when I read a book my daughter gave me!

Don’t worry about this book being marketed for MLM. It is relevant for any type of conversation that has a goal.  I was going to say for any kind of “soft sell”, as that is what you are doing, but “soft sell”  sounds cold, uncaring and rather clinical. So I will try to avoid saying it any more! The details about the book are at the end but I just have to share this lesson learnt from it.

On Thursday I was chatting with a friend (i will call him Fred!)about how to end a small limited company used for a Joint venture in property.

Fred and his mate (calling him Dave!) had been texting each other about ending the business. Things were getting muddled to say the least. Fred is a real person, person. He cares about people. He knows people by feelings and emotions. Dave, on the other hand, is totally methodical, everything has to work to a profitable end, and no lose ends!.- Believe me, that was clear just from the texts!

I hate to think how often I have been in a muddle of misunderstanding like that so was able to appreciate the difficulties they were having. After a bit of thought this was the suggestion for Fred

1) Tell Dave his plan was rightly showing the deal is bad.

2) Tell Dave he is right that they have to get out of it.

3) Show Dave how Fred could fix it,  so that Dave could get out of the business.

 OK,I know,  if you have read the book you will be shouting at me now about point 3. – I agree it was wrong,  but i did not read the book until Friday.

Ding! Flashing lights! OMG! – all that stuff. Page 95 was written for Fred and Dave. O and me!

Straight onto Fred with the answer. Fred agrees, even without reading it! Thank you page 95 of 98.

The book is called “THE FOUR COLOR PERSONALITIES FOR MLM” it is written by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.


#Mentoring works!

Allan Wadsworth