The 3 most common #property excuses I hear are “There arn’t any more deals out there” or “everything is too expensive” or “I haven’t got any more money”.  I’ve been in all 3 camps at different times in my life and yet just today a friend told me he has closed a deal for £90k that will convert to 2 flats worth £220k.  2 weeks ago I closed on a £350k deal that will make £480k. I have a land grab for around 60k coming up and an air space for £20k. So not one of those 3 excuses is right. – Even the no more money could be cancelled by either the £20k deal or giving a deal to a friend!

What i see though, are lots of people who are doing “something vague” but unfocused,  Loads of people who just talk the talk but commit to nothing, even a good many who spend masses of money on #training, but don’t actually do anything. They all use at least one of the above 3 excuses.

I’ve already admitted to having used all 3 excuses over the years so how come i can tell you about so many deals going on for me at the moment? It all boils down to this. Last year i gave 6 months of total #commitment.   When I lose my total #commitment, the deals dry up. When i re-commit they all come back. This isn’t waffle, i have seen my #commitment  repeatedly grow and shrink and it matches my #property income to a Tee

Do you have total #commitment or are you using one of my 3 excuses too?

In my next bog i’ll  give you my methods of overcoming these 3 excuses…. 

Until then. Enjoy life and be happy.