It must be a musical month for me, just after hearing #JackSavoretti offering super sound advise about having the right people around you, i then hear #JohnBowerman on #SteveWright’s radio show, suggesting people should just jump out of aeroplanes and hope they can fly! If not they can always use a parachute!

At first I said, he was mad to say that! Then my wife kindly pointed out that I tell people to “Just Do It” all the time. At first I spluttered… “It’s um different”, – Then i found an excuse – “I always say they must be totally committed first”. She just smiled at me, with one of those “yes dear” looks.

Now, John’s comment was pretty straight (Straight – John Bowerman and straight in the same sentence!) and to the point. Far less drawn out than my usual preliminary comments that you must be totally committed,  Be prepared to take whatever life throws at you. Be in the right frame of mind. Have faith and trust yourself. Have the right people around you.  I guess by then “Just do it” sounds more like a whisper than a command.

So who is right? What is the best approach? In reality it is neither and both. Neither is right at the same time for one person but we can change so what is extreme one day may be acceptable the next. To bring a person to the level that they can, or want, to achieve is, for me, the goal of a mentor.

If you feel you would like to achieve more then consider getting a mentoring. If that is jumping out of airplanes that is fine, as long as your are prepared for it. Or if it is just being able to read between the lines. both can be achievements, it just depends where you start from.

Until next time.

Have a great life and enjoy.