My last blog said I would review what has worked for me, choose the best and start a #plan for 2018.

Did you join me – Have you reviewed your past and seen what worked for you previously and just as importantly what did not work for you? If you did not do it then do it NOW and come back to this blog afterwards. Off you go….

Something that did not work for me was professional #trainingcourses. They picked me up, covered me in information and then spat me out! So Information overload is not my way forward.  At first I thought going to  #NetworkMeetings did not work either. Facebook, emails, web pages all came back as unproductive.

The one thing that worked best for me was sharing cups of coffee. 3 Cheers for #Costa!  Where those coffee chats came from though was almost always #Network meetings. So there is my #plan. Could it be any simpler? I don’t think so!

Go to network meetings. Arrange to have cups of coffee. Done!

In fact on Tuesday i had my first 2018 planning coffee and to the surprise of both me and my coffee partner we have a JV project starting right now.

This cannot possibly be called rocket science! How simple can it get, meet a friend (or two), drink coffee, share openly and honestly(I must re-iterate that word HONESTLY) then LISTEN, be positive and have the courage to go for it. 

That’s it for this mini blog – Do please let me know if you did not find anything that works for you, or you want to express an opinion