Do you know the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink!”? For 3 months i have been repeatedly leading a horse to water in the hope it would drink. I am so chuffed to be able to say the horse has now drunk. Perhaps i should explain,

I could see someone, full of enthusiasm, about to make what I and several others, felt was going to be a very expensive mistake.  I had no right to say don’t do it. I didn’t even know the person that well but it felt so wrong to sit back and watch knowing how likely a bad outcome was. So I devised a #plan. As many of you will know, most of my #plans involve #Costa coffee.  This was no different, albeit it was #Starbucks and not #Costa and it was several rather than just the odd one or two. I pulled in other people as well to also sow the seeds of doubt. I even tried throwing an alternative into the pot.  That didn’t seem to work at all well although i have a feeling it still might be helpful.

So i feel pretty good about myself right now. Well i did, that is, until a few days ago. Have you ever watched someone trying to do something and getting it repeated wrong. Yet the right way seems so obvious to you that you just have to shout it out?  

My wife enjoys doing puzzles, lots of different ones, mostly ones that i don’t like but last week  I could see the answer to one of my wife’s puzzles  but did not dare to tell her! Mentally my mind was in turmoil. At first it was just saying “just move that piece” -then inside my head but a bit louder  “Try that piece” Then in a mental panic “It’s that PIECE”. then, Suddenly, like a water mains bursting, it shot  out of my mouth “You just move that to there”!  I couldn’t stop myself …   There was silence as the piece was moved, then several others pieces until just a few seconds  later it was all over.

Where was the big thank you? Where was the beautiful smile of satisfaction? Why wasn’t she happy – It was  solved!  Hadn’t I just been very helpful?

I guess the #moral of these two stories is “Not to give up.”  If like me you have been hoping to help someone to see something without telling them what it is. remain #motivated and keep trying.

Until next week – Enjoy.