It’s a slow path that some people tread.
Before Christmas I wrote about Tom who is saving up to get into property.
Last week a friend asked me how he is getting on?
As it happened I had chatted to Tom a few days earlier so i was able to give him an update.

Tom explained that everyone stops working over Christmas, but he will start looking for properties deals again soon, although he is a bit busy this week!

You have to smile when hear such feeble cop outs!

Compare that attitude to the networking group (Hampshire Property Network) that myself and a few friends run. In our first meeting of the new year we go around the group, giving everyone time to explain what they are doing, what issues/highlights/challenges they have. – Not a single one, and there were 27 of them, said “But I stopped for Christmas”.

A brief postsript.
It was no surprise to get a message a few days later, to say he was unable to make the next meeting as he had paperwork to read.

For my part it feels like I have to re-visit #motivation.
Happy Property Hunting