Just 5 words was all it took to change  my “Cardboard cut out ” from a pretty pink to a frightened yellowy white!

Perhaps I should explain that my “cardboard cut out” lives in my office and is used for throwing just about every idea imaginable at. My “cut out” takes problem, worries, concerns and incomplete ideas that I throw at it and then listens patiently while I throw loads of possible answers at it as well. I usually choose one of the answers myself but if I cannot then I start all over again. Mostly though just getting something #verbalised is enough for me to see a reasonable answer, except on one occasion.
You may have guessed by now that this “Cardboard Cut Out” is actually my wife! She patiently listens and waits while I throw thought after thought into the air and as said I usually come up with my own answer. She politely agrees(mostly) and all is wonderful. Unfortunately on this particular occasion I was #verbalising as I went through my accounts to see if I had any spare money, when my spreadsheet went crazy!. – Wow look at that “cut out” I said, We owe a million pounds!

That was it. those words struck my wife like a dagger. The pain was palpable as she turned a greyish shade of yellowy white. her eyes looked to be watering as she spoke in a husky stuttering voice “Do we have to sell the #house? What are we going to do?

As Del Trotter, from Only Fools and Horses, so often said to Rodney “You plonker!

I still kick myself now for my stupidity. Just writing this makes me feel guilty all over again.

No we did not have to sell the #house and no we were not in a bad place. It was just a bad Excel formula…
Everyone has their own way of #problemsolving. Mine is to #verbalise, but I now needed to find a new way that will still let me think and speak freely whilst not hurting the one I love.

The answer was so obvious it seems silly I hadn’t already done it. You see, I #mentor people. They can say and think out load, anything they want. I just help them to find the answer that best fits their needs.
So now I have a mentor friend and we #mentor each other.
Allan (#Mentor) Wadsworth