The last few days have felt like it was “Get at Allan”  time. The people “getting ” at me though were people I like and value. I truly appreciate their honesty, so I felt obliged to listen and consider what they said! – Their comments were said politely and kindly without any hurtfull intent and yet they cut me, just the way a paper cut does. Such simple stuff paper, and yet it can inflict a sting more sudden and painfull than a bees! Fortunately, unlike a bees sting, it takes just a few seconds for the sting to ease. As for the actual cut, once the bloods removed, its often  so small it cannot be seen. Paper cuts have always intreagued me!

To add to my personal pain just one week ago I mentioned the same thing to a freind and tried to lead him to see how it could upset others! and yet I was doing the same thing without knowing it!  Talk about Kettle calling the pan black! We have both blackened ourselves with the same soot and neither of us knew it!

My challenge now is to recognise situations it can occur in and move away from them, thus avoiding the crime being committed. Beter still of course will be to find other ways to achieve the same without committing the crime at all. That one i am still working on.

So would you like to know what my henious crime was?

Sadly at the moment, I cannot tell you!

Until next time, have a great few weeks. Allan

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