How can I help people to beter #trust themselves to GRAB OPPORTUNITY, without delay, without fear, and with confidence?

I teach people self confidence, self appreciation but not to be self centred I help them to define their desires and build towards achieving them and yet somewhere I am missing something..Maybe someone can tell me what it is?

I recently put forward an opportunity for someone I knew to meet someone i had just met. The first person, I will call her Jane, had local knowledge and UK training that the other (lets call hiim Steve) wanted. Neither Jane nor Steve were born in the UK so are more likely to appreciate the Country specific barriers ahead of them. Jane has been working consistantly forward over several years learning the tools of her trade whilst Steve is more Gung Hoo, He appreciates the need to understad local legislation but is ready to just ump in and sort the rest out later… So when I met Steve and learnt of his goals it was clear to me that they had things that could be of benefit to each other. Steve liked the idea of meeing Jane to reduce the potential risks, Jane liked the idea of, at last, putting her training and local knowledge to good use.

So why 3 weeks later have they not yet managed to meet? I have seen texts going back and forth, dates being suggested and then re-scheduled but NO MEETING.

Both Steve and Jane have full time jobs that are not the standard 9 to 5. Hence i see that could be a difficulty but, going forward, If they work together that could actually be a distinct advantage for them. – Have i asked them if they can see that – NO..

I know we are all different .In my early days of #property dealings i was like so many other people, going back and forth to the selling agents playing ping pong with numbers, Recalculating, revisiting, re-considering. Many times someone else bought the property, even though i was still considering it! Now after an hour in a property and i have my offer worked out and my walk away price decided. – Not because i am good at property purchasing but because I dont want to be wasting mine and other people’s time. O’ I play one round of new offers and counter offers as thats the expectation but I already know the figures. I am not unique in this, as I have met like minded sellers and deals have been done in an hour..

So my personal challenge now is how to help others to get clear in there minds what they want and to then, without delay, go out and  get it.

Allan Wadsworth #Mentor.