In my last blog I promised to give you my ways of overcoming lack of commitment. – So here goes.

Right  at the top of my list of #motivators is Love.

– Way back in 1975 I listened to a cassette tape of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. He wrote  it in 1937, yet even today it’s still being printed and is currently on sale for £14.39. that’s a self education book that’s stood the test of time for 80 years!  In it Napoleon esplained far better than i possibly could why love and sex are the greatest #motivators so i am not going to compete with him – just get the book or dvd or download it or watch it online..      

Happiness comes a close second as a massive #motivator to me. My definition of happiness though is perhaps a little “off the wall”. To me happiness is acceptance, respect, harmony.   So where #property is concerned , of course i must make money, but not always! – sometimes i get mega loads of happiness through team work or from  watching and maybe even helping others achieve new goals or to reach new heights. Sometimes its more down to  earth though  and just being able to see people move on in their life can be a cause for great happiness to me.   

Fun – My third #motivator. Hey what’s to say about this? surely we all love being happy through fun.

So there you have me in a nut shell. Within each area I have specific’s that “Raise me up” or “Make me buzz” or “make me Push the envelope” .  When you find yours there will be nothing that you cannot achieve.

– I think maybe this lady found a bit too much of it….




I found this Napoleon Hill freeby