Will Power.
Have you ever met anyone who wanted to do something but could never quite find the time for it? Maybe you are one of those people yourself with dreams and ambitions but not had the right moment to start them. Maybe the moment arrived but the funds didn’t. Maybe the funds were there but the time wasn’t? Maybe you did start, perhaps even paid for a training course. Then did not quit manage to take that mega first step? You are certainly not alone. In my 10 years as an employee of a large Energy supplier i had lots of chats with fellow employees. It showed that over half had dreams of their own businesses. Sadly very few ever actually managed to break free. A few did and of them a few returned, chastened and downhearted.
Of the few that didn’t come back I heard of a few that returned to employment with other employers. Only a very small number indeed seem to make the break.
If you work in an office or with a group of people see if you can figure out the number that succeed? – I would bet it’s as low as 1% of those that leave. I would also bet that over 50% of the workforce have the dream to leave and make it on their own.
What do you think goes wrong?
Whilst this is mega simplifying it, my experience, and I have plenty of cases that i can quote, it is all down to will power. Wanting something enough that nothing will stop you. Your “will” succeed is so totally ingrained in your thoughts that every challenge is risen to and beaten. You find the “power” to succeed no matter where that “power” is hiding you find it.
So when you make the decision to go it alone your level of commitment must be 100%. Initially it is almost above life itself. Don’t misunderstand that – Its almost above your own personal life, not the life of anyone around you.BUT! Those around you must understand and support you in that decision, otherwise you should not be doing it, or you need to change the group of people that are around you.
I had no intention of ending this blog like this but can you see from the above that unless you are one of the very few that will make it no matter what happens, you are going to need the right people around you. – Top of that list, after the very closest of your friends needs to be a #mentor. In fact, get the #mentor before you make the jump!
Find one that knows something about the business area your aiming for. – Your mentor could be so skilled in the area of your goal that they are more like a coach to you, but of course expect to pay a lot more for that and you need to make a lot more inquiries about your coaches experience. If you go for a mentor make sure it is one that’s capable of taking you as far as your initial dreams want. Any further and you will have trouble believing them, any less and they won’t push you to your maximum.
Enjoy your week.
Kind regard
Allan Wadsworth (mentor)

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